A collaborative King's College London and UCT research project

Events and talks

Here are some talks from the team that have emerged from the project. Please click on the links to access the slides.


Programme for the Enhancement of Research Capacity, University of Cape Town

Clare Herrick: Interdisciplinary research – crossing the social science/ public heath boundary


C3 Collaborating for Health, 2013

Clare Herrick and Susan Parnell: Is alcohol threatening health and development in South Africa? 


Royal Geographical Society Annual Meeting 2013

Clare Herrick: Alcohol and NCDs in South Africa. A missing agenda?


Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New York 2012

Five members of the research team attended the Annual Meeting in New York in February 2012. The team organised two sessions entitled: Alcohol, Poverty and the City in order to spark conversation among geographers about alcohol’s overlooked role in urban development.  Four of the presentations can be found by clicking the links below:

Clare Herrick: The Political Ecology of Alcohol as Disaster

Mary Lawhon: The Sociomateriality of Alcohol: Flows, Friction, Lubrication and Remnants

Evan Blake: That’s my locie!” Narratives of place in Salt River through the lens of drinking establishments


Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 2012

Seminar: Global demographic shifts: Urbanisation and the 21st century burden of disease

Clare Herrick: NCDs, Alcohol and Development in the Western Cape

Sue Parnell: Some macro-scale trends of significance for health and development


Royal Geographical Society-IBG Annual Meeting, Edinburgh 2012

Shari Daya and Nicci Wilkins –  The body, the shelter, and the shebeen: Affective geographies of homelessness in South Africa

Warren Smit et al  – Governing environmental risk in the Global South: Barriers and opportunities for collaborative urban flood risk management

Mary Lawhon – Researching sensitive topics in African cities


British Sociological Association, Medical Sociology Conference, 2012

Clare Herrick: Media, Policy and politics in the Western Cape’s alcohol control agenda


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